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Peter Mackay
Director of Photography

Peter’s career has spanned many fields in the industry, beginning with his rigorous training in the camera department at the BBC in Glasgow, Scotland. Here he honed his skills working on documentaries, drama, sports and news. His documentary experience led him to being chosen to shoot two award winning documentaries – The Heart of the Dragon, a thirteen part series filmed in 1980’s China, and Vidal in Venice, a look at the iconic city through the eyes of Gore Vidal.

The 1980’s also saw the dawn of the Music Video Industry, in which Peter was a leading creative force and collaborated with the most influential directors of the time, including David Mallet, Russell Mulchay, and Tony Scott. Peter moved to the US and was responsible for shooting over three hundred music videos for Tina Turner, Phil Collins, Queen, Sting and so many more. His work on George Michael’s Father Figure and Pat Benetar’s Sex as a Weapon both led to MTV Award nominations for Best Cinematography.

As the Music Video industry began to influence television commercials, Peter made the natural progression into this field and shot over four hundred commercials. He has been responsible to bringing new camera techniques to the industry and his talents are requested on projects ranging from the largest car commercials, to the most intricate table top setups and special effects shoots.

New media led to new opportunities and Peter and his team have produced countless online videos for corporate clients, both large and small. Each and every client benefitting from this vast pool of knowledge and experience.